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In 2005, we (Rob and Joy) were looking for fun and easy-to-teach Canadian-based curriculum for our own children. Encouraged by a another home school curriculum provider, Joy began to write science curriculum, publishing her first book at the end of 2007. By the time Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc. began selling in the Spring of 2008, other subjects had been included, some also written by Joy.  Other products we decided to distribute were also added. Currently, we represent our own publishing imprint plus several suppliers and a few North American distributors, choosing products which focus on a Canadian education.  We also develop Bible-based resources for children.

Our products… over 250 pages of helpful educational resources!

We believe that good curriculum should be academic, teacher-friendly, and interesting to learn by students of all learning styles. For this reason, the “teaching methods” incorporate a variety of ways of teaching the content (visual, hands-on, auditory — rather than just one type of style), allowing all students to ENJOY their school days. Teacher work (preparation and demonstrations) are kept to a minimum and independent student learning is encouraged under the teacher’s guidance. We also believe that Canadian students should have a strong Canadian focus in their curriculum, even though there are useful resources from some non-Canadian curriculum developers. While we do not stand behind all opinions/perspectives/views, methods, or activities taught within the current public school system, as Christians and Canadian citizens who are responsible for educating children how to live in 21st century society with Biblical values, we do uphold the overall skill-levels and general topics of study that are in our government standards. Our academic product line contains a number of items of what we have used and liked or would consider using in the future.  A comment we receive from a number of our delighted customers is that our selections present something quite unique in comparison to other curriculum companies!

All of the titles pictured below are PSLC publications.

Note: Handwriting for Grade 4 is finished as of July 2014.


Titles being worked on (covers may change and are in draft format presently):


..plus Math Sticks 2, more Phonics Units, and Multigrade Science Curriculum for junior/upper elementary.


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Company Overview:

We are a Canadian-owned company whose main goal is to provide families and educators with good academic curriculum and resources that meet or exceed many of the ministry of education topics of study and skills in Canada!  We continue to write and publish some curriculum, developed especially for home educators like ourselves.  We also carefully choose and distribute hundreds of products (books, hands-on items, DVDs, etc.) from other publishers and suppliers.

“Lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness” means that we try to provide fun and straightforward curriculum that helps lessons to “stick” with any kind of learner. We also encourage families to learn together daily from the Bible which is refreshing to our lives and “sweeter also than the honey and the honeycomb” (see Psalm 19:7-10, 119:103). Some of our curriculum and all of our family/church resources have Biblical content;  we desire to uphold the unchangeable truth of God’s Word and Biblical principles for everyday life.

Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc. is a mail-order home-based business that operates from the beautiful Muskoka District in Central Ontario. Customers range from home educators, schoolteachers, children’s ministry workers, senior citizens, parents, and others!

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