What can conference season look like in a homeschooling family? We can manage these days with lots of flexibility, some extra fun, involve the kids on some things, and give opportunity for independent learning!

Conference Time

Conference Time

This part of the year can be very beneficial to the entire family – the teaching parent can take a few days (or whatever is needed) for “professional development” (“P.D. days”) like other teachers do. I wrote about some of these things in the post, Thinking About Attending a Homeschool Convention/Conference?

Most conferences in Canada did not/do not offer a children’s program within the conference. Occasionally, the teens might have a separate program offered but usually, homeschool conferences are just for parents.

And now, many moms are attending conferences online, typically while the children are still around and dads are working. Sure, some might be able to have Grandma or a friend or teen help to keep little hands and minds occupied with fun but not everyone has this. And while kids can watch a video or so at the same time, I think we’d all agree that it isn’t a great idea for the entire length of a conference.

For a number of years when all of our children were young, Rob and I had some really nice, older babysitters to care for our children while we travelled to a few homeschool conferences. So for the kids, it meant new adventures with people who liked stories, crafts, and sometimes hikes to interesting places!

But for the days while I was packing/unpacking boxes of books and organizing display plans, etc., and also right after returning from a conference with catalogues from other vendors to read and some new items for our family (because I’d shop there too, of course), what would our kids do? And even now, what do they do?

“Not School”

“Busy-Time Schooling”

If it’s not a school break, then they had/have schoolwork even if I was/am involved (as a mom taking in or as a leader giving back). But it frequently involves a change in routine or format. Here are some of the ideas that I think work well:

Where “Mom” Is

Have fun! 😊

FB Kids During Conference

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