For pick-up orders in Margaree Valley, Nova Scotia

We are thrilled to be able to offer to our local community, products from one of our favourite “General Stores” – the Living Waters Store in Canada!

Living Waters offers more than 55,000 products! Their top three categories are books, toys, and kitchenware. They are located in the heart of the large Mennonite and Amish settlements in Ontario; their products reflect a desire to provide items which are durable, uplifting, and practical! We personally appreciate items we’ve purchased from them over the years – e.g. paring knives, squash peeler, apple/tomato strainer, 12-jar canner, pallet art, puzzles, music CDs, toys, Christmas ideas, and more!

Living Waters graphic with logo

How It Works

  1. Place your order through us by e-mailing it (e.g. through the order form at the bottom of this page) or handing it to us in-person when you see Rob or Joy Delmore. We will then confirm the details of your order with you before it is finalized. For orders to be able to picked-up at our place in Margaree Valley, you need to give your order to us, Peppermint Stick Learning Company/Joy and Rob Delmore. This means that you do NOT click to “add-to-cart” on their website UNLESS you want to pay their shipping fees and get your order directly shipped to your address. We try to save you a bit of the costs involved if you order through us instead! 😊😊
  2. Click on this link or the graphic to view the products they offer! That link goes to their online shop. This is not an affiliate link. Please keep open (e.g. on a tab) our order form located at the bottom of this page (or just a simple piece of paper) so that you can easily make note of items of interest while you browse.
  3. Item prices remain the same for you. Their website shows all prices in Canadian currency, pre-tax. (We personally, have found over the years of being one of their customers, that their prices generally very reasonable for the quality they offer.)
  4. Sub-total your shopping list. Add up the costs of the items you wish to order through us. Ignore their shipping rates.
  5. Add taxes: In your calculator, type in the sub-total and multiply that by 0.15 (if 15%) or (0.05) if 5%. The number that you get as a result of that operation is the amount of tax you owe. If you are ordering both types of items – those with 15% tax and those with only 5% tax, just make two sub-totals, calculate the appropriate tax on each, and then add those tax amounts together to get the total amount of tax.
  6. Add our order handling fee, according to the below table. This is in lieu of shipping and where you will find your savings! (While, Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc. is a distributor for Living Waters and thus can get wholesale pricing on items, we also have the expense of actual shipping costs to get the orders to Margaree Valley. Thus, we must charge an order handling fee to help to cover those costs. We aim to keep this handling fee low for you.)
  7. Calculate your total (or ask us to do this for you if you want). Add the sub-total, tax amount, and order handling fee.
  8. Submit your order to us, Rob or Joy Delmore. The order will be gathered with other orders (usually) and sent to Living Waters. They ship the order to us.
  9. Pick-up your order soon after we notify you that it has arrived at 1200 East Big Intervale Road. We can easily work out a day/time for pick-ups, Monday to Saturday. (Our business is closed on Sundays.)
  10. At or before the time of pick-up, pay us your total amount with cash or e-transfer or request us to e-mail you a Paypal invoice.

Table of Order Handling Fees (in lieu of shipping costs)

Sub-Total of Items (before taxes)Order Handling Fees
(includes the tax on this service fee)
up to $10.00Add $2.00
$10.01 to $20.00Add $4.00
$20.01 to $30.00Add $6.00
$30.01 to $40.00Add $7.00
$40.01 to $50.00Add $7.50
$50.01 to $60.00Add $8.00
$60.01 to $70.00Add $8.50
$70.01 to $80.00Add $9.00
$80.01 to $90.00Add $9.50
$90.01 to $100.00Add $10.00
over $100.00no order handling fees* unless exceptions below
Bosch-related items and/or extra-large or heavy items such as 12-jar canners, grinders, etc.Add 10% of sub-total
(You can ask us if you are unsure if something would be considered “extra-big” to get over here and we can check with Living Waters if needed.)

Who is this for?

Sorry, but this opportunity is only offered for customers who purchase/pick-up in our local community; we are located on Cape Breton Island, NS.

What if you have interest in Living Waters products but are not able to come and pick-up?

Rob and Joy are offering this selection of products through our business as a service to our Cape Breton communities.

(An additional note, to say, that products listed in our online shop are often “in-storage” here to be available as a pick-up order too. To order those, just place that order through our “Peppermint Stick” shop. We offer books and other things there. Here is the link for our shop.)

Timing for Orders

We will collect orders and when there is a significant total from one or more customers combined, we will place an order to Living Waters. We expect to do this periodically through the year, depending on demand. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to receive parcels from Living Waters from the time when we place the order to them. Some customers will wait longer than others, depending on when they place their order with us.

Whenever we plan to submit an order, we will notify our Facebook business page of a coming deadline for any additional orders to come in for that batch. We aim to give one to two week’s notice for an order deadline. Please consider following our Facebook page for updates.

Feel free to ask us questions on Living Waters’ product-line!

And thank-you for your support!

Order Form for Living Waters Products Pick-Up in MV
List all of the items you want to order, along with their prices in this box. For example, Yummy Days Recipe Book - $20.00 - #123-4567 (It's helpful if you also add the item code, but not necessary.)

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