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My blog posts about environmental sensitivities are often arranged topically rather than chronologically. For folks who are just beginning to learn about what EMF sensitivities are, this can be harder to follow because so much is new and complex due to the nature of trying to describe it sufficiently and answer questions of people who ask me about something related to it.

One suggestion given to me was to have a specific page where I put down some sort of order which might make it easier to follow if you are brand new to these concepts. Thus, the reason for this page. I hope it helps. 🙂

EMF and MCS are not the main focus of this website but I have a section of my “Encouragemints” blog currently for it.

“Environmental sensitivities” is a very real and complicated-to-manage-well-in-today’s-world situation. Our family deals with a number of things regularly. I (the main author of this website)  live with both electromagnetic frequency sensitivity (to RF-EMF, EF-EMF, and MF-EMF) and multi-chemical sensitivities (MCS) and I blog about it on occasion to help people understand more about real life with it and to be an encouragement to the growing number of people who are becoming especially sensitive to man-made products. For our family, we choose to have a simpler, more homesteading type of lifestyle and have now moved to a geographical area where there is less cell radiation overall. I share some of this journey publicly on this website.

A couple more notes before I get to the list of blogs:

  1. There are some genuine Christians who would agree with me with theology and most scientific matters BUT, they, like many people who have not spent much (or any) in-depth research into the field of EMFs nor experienced the impact of wireless technologies on human health personally, and will sometimes speak their “authoritative” opinion(s) based upon the little that they have read or been swayed into believing. This is very sad to see, especially when it is a genuine Christian (and/or even someone with some sort of scientific background) denying health issues with wireless technologies. But it does happen. 
  2. Many places which offer true scientific facts about EMFs also can be supportive of occultic, pagan practices to try to improve symptoms and provide a cure. This is very deceptive and confusing and they are not necessarily aware that they are promoting both true science and false science. The Bible teaches that Christians can be also deceived when they are not on their guard against evil too but the non-Christian is devoid of God’s protection that He provides to His followers (e.g. Ephesians 6:10-18, 2 Corinthians 4:4). So we shouldn’t expect that just because something is called “science”, that it actually IS science. Like those in Berea (acts 17:11), we need to continue to carefully discern truth from error, and not just believe all the “stuff” we hear, just because we know that some of what has been said in the past has been true. This issue is becoming even more an issue in the field of EMFs and health so I want to add an extra warning here to be careful in what you look at for “help” or “solutions” or “seminars”. This warning includes to places (professionals, businesses) that I have linked to on my EMF brochure or within my blogs since at least some of these, are becoming more confused with pagan influences as time goes on. Study the truth from the Bible and remember what you learned in old-fashioned science class on how energy works physically. I’ve also tried to put some of the basic points of this issue in a brochure that you can download on this post here, to help you to stay alert and avoid getting trapped into false ideology and practices that promise “freedom” but in the end, result in a bondage to beliefs that do not honour Jesus Christ. (cf. 2 Peter 2:19 and its surrounding verses)

My calling for this part of our website is simply to blog occasionally about my journey, not to be thrown into debate or spend lots of time defending my position. I, my family and friends, and the many professionals who saw things unfold in our lives, plus the many very credible-at-that-time researchers that I don’t know personally, do know that there IS evidence, even if it is suppressed or discounted by people who mean well. Please be assured that if you are suffering with EMF sensitivities or have concerns about wireless technologies, and it’s compounded as a result of Christians or others not accepting what you know to be true, that GOD knows what is truth – run to Him, cling to Him amidst discouragement – HE is our ultimate refuge and HE cares. ♥ As time goes on, I think more Christians are beginning to understand or at least give consideration to EMF concerns and for that, I am thankful to be here to help them know. 

Here is a reasonable order to read about this part of our website:

(The most recently-written or updated posts in this list will be bolded.)

  1. “About Joy”: This is a general overview of who I am and what I do.
  2. A Video with Tips for Reducing EMFs: This post gives a brief look my personal EMF story within a short video, along with 12 General Tips for Reducing EMFs in a Home School Environment. (It was recently updated.)
  3. My EMF Story As It Began: This is a general overview of how we discovered this in October 2017  plus a downloadable printable brochure that I offer in public to the inquisitive people I meet (e.g. when I’m out shopping or at appointments). I now often look different in public when I wear shielded clothing and a special headnet to protect my eyes and face from getting burned from cell radiation. (Yes, I still look like a normal mom when I’m working at home.) I have a much longer story which I’m adding to as we figure out more details of the present and past decades but it is not available online at present. For now, this brochure and the rest of the blogs will tell the generalities of things.
  4. EMF Sensitivity – Management of the Bucket Part 1: This post explains environmental sensitivities in the analogy of a bucket that gets filled up. This analogy helps people of all ages to understand things a lot better.
  5.  EMF Sensitivity – How Come?! is also perhaps a more general explanation for people just starting to hear about these environmental sensitivities. (This is about some guesses as to what might have “shrunk my bucket”.)
  6. Update on EMF Recovery (the first 9 months after our move east; “how Joy is recovering” after making a major change)

After reading the above posts, you might further be interested in reading these:

  1. “Energy Healing” and the Christian – this is of similar sub-topic to the post below in 2. but was written more recently.
  2. EMF Sensitivity – Management of the Bucket Part 2: includes some similar thoughts to post 1. above but is older. This post is generally about how NOT to manage environmental sensitivities. It includes my responses to the popular suggestions and why they aren’t a good idea. There is another brochure on that post about the idea of energy medicine.
  3. EMF Sensitivity – Management of the Bucket Part 3: Stress Reduction
  4. Measuring Tools and Building Biology for a House:  This post was written because some people who talk with us about our situation want to know numerical values and how they might be able to get their own home environment tested.
  5. Homeschoolers and Wireless: Is it Wise in the Long Term? This post is my challenge for other families to consider the dangers of wireless technology. As homeschoolers, we have the control over that aspect in our own homes and so we can make those choices quite easily in education. Will we? (This post was recently updated.)
  6. With Love: This was a post I wrote around Christmas-time while staying back from church. Our church turns off their wifi and asks people to put their cell phones on airplane mode or off, however, our community added a very strong cell tower(s) on our route so I face limitations as to “how” and “how often” I can get to where I want to go, especially in winter when time spent outdoors is also shorter than the warmer months of the year and I’m healing slower from exposures. (A house with less electricity for me should make a significant difference to my tolerance levels. Yes, some people are “this” sensitive and I am one of those.) This post comes from a bit of my real life experiences with it.
  7. EMF Sensitivity – Is it a Disease (or Disorder) to Be Healed From?: (or a similar title) This post was written because one of the first responses from “normal” people (who don’t suffer immediate effects of cell phones, etc.) is that they hope for a “cure” for my “sickness” without realizing that the problem is really an injury and that my body is actually doing something quite good in warning of something harmful in my environment. Bottom-line is that I’m actually thankful my body warns me so that I can take steps to minimize long-term damage and it is motivating to improve habits – both mine and those who learn from my story. Yes, of course, I want to be healed from these injuries but I don’t desire to get a body that has no warning system. You might have to really put on your “thinking cap” to read this post because environmental sensitivities to man-made products like cell phones aren’t what a lot of people think. It isn’t the same as environmental sensitivities to natural things like insects or peanuts. I believe that there is a real danger that exists for the general public and sensitive people like myself are really like canaries in a coal mine as case studies for others to learn from.
  8. Real Life with Joy at Church – attending and serving in a church setting (with environmental sensitivities) – written before our move east.
  9. Real Life with Joy – Shopping, Homeschooling, etc. – written before our move east.

Other post titles will be added to one of those lists on this page as I end up writing them.

I do welcome questions via e-mail if there is something that isn’t answered and you wonder about or if something needs to be clarified. Please understand that I truly can’t answer everything and that it could take a long time to get a reply. But it helps me to know about what to blog about sometimes. Thanks for your interest!


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