free hs plan guidesFREEBIES! Hooray!!! ♥

Click to download any of these helpful planning guides. They are in pdf format for your convenience.


Four Year Rotation Planning GuideThis looonnnggg planner (tape it together to see the “big picture”) is our newest planner to be available to you. This one shows the best of how Peppermint Stick Learning Company is/will be arranging our curriculum AND it is the one we’ve personally been using in our large family!



Yearly Planner



These planners were the main ones we distributed a few years ago. They are available in two handy sizes, depending on your preference.

Foldable Planner HS





A Grace by Grade Planning Guide for HSPlease note that the “grade-by-grade” guide has “gaps” in it for resource ideas. Some possibilities are in our clearance section and some titles might not posted online at present. For subject-specific ideas, you could also check our blog post here which has organized links to check. Our PSLC e-books are either in our shop or are in-process. Sorry, but we can’t really answer questions as to “when” something will be available since so much depends on our personal lives. Be assured, we will upload new titles to our online shop as soon as we can complete the final editing on them but things take so much longer when managing the limitations our business now operates under. Please check our shop or our blog for any updates. Thanks for understanding.

Summer 2020 – I am beginning to look into updating the above “Grade-by-Grade Planning Guide”. For this, I plan to have each grade represented in a separate download. So far, here are the ones for GRADE 2 and Grade 5: 🙂

Curriculum Suggestions for Grade 2

Curriculum Suggestions for Grade 5

(If you want to know about a different grade, please let me know and I’ll work on it. Otherwise, I’ll be working on trying to get more e-books done. 🙂 )


Designing a Home PreschoolThis planner is a new addition to our list of planners! It is also part of the preschool bundle in our shop!




Tips for Evaluating Student WorkThis set of tips is provided especially for those of you who either desire or need some guidance in the area of evaluating homeschool work. Some customers have wanted to know how to mark projects or design tests and so this download was created for them. (Sometimes customers live in provinces where such evaluations are more important.)



Homeschooling During High School

(Sorry, this one is still to come – it was posted on our old website but I’d like to update it first before putting it here.)

Summer 2020 Update: I have begun to put some up of the content – here is a recent blog about homeschooling during the high school years.

To see resources we use for any grade level, including high school, you can click on this link here.




Blog Posts Relating to Planning

Choosing Curriculum – featuring 2 of the above planners (the large size and foldable ones)

The Ultimate Homeschool Mom’s School Supply List – ideas and helpful list for homeschool supplies and organizing them

Year-at-a-Glance Planning Chart – This would be the “daily schedule” type of planning I would recommend to those of you who are starting out to homeschool a few children or are in situations which need a lot of flexibility. It is far easier than the traditional weekly or monthly plans that many moms try and I would still use it some years even as a “seasoned homeschool mom”! 🙂

(See also our home page for more organizational links.)



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